Question of the week – 20th October


Stoke City were awarded a penalty against Swansea City yesterday and Swansea manager, Garry Monk, accused Victor Moses of diving to win the penalty. Recently, technology has been introduced to confirm whether the ball has crossed the line. Following the accusation of a dive for a penalty, should replays be used to decide whether it is a penalty or not in football?

Year 6 on the Ben Prater Breakfast Show


After being interviewed yesterday, Year 6 appeared on the Ben Prater Breakfast Show on BBC Wiltshire today. The show used a couple of excerpts from the interview and can be heard at – our pieces start at 1.09.22 and 1.57.46. Please tell us what you think.

Diary entries


Mr. Oswin has had a go at writing a diary entry, pretending to be Charles Darwin. What has he done well and what could he improve on? If  you are offering suggestions for how he could improve his writing, remember to include an example.


Dear diary,

I left Shrewsbury a couple of weeks ago and am now finally out to sea on The Beagle. It is a nice ship and sails very quick. There is lots of room onboard, which will allow me to bring on board plenty of examples for study.

Earlier today, when I came aboard the modern ship, the captain showed me around. He is about my age, but looks much older; it must be a hard life at sea. I was pleasantly surprised at how much room is available to me for bringing onboard creatures and continuing my studies. I noticed there were several notebooks, which will allow me to make lots of notes and detailed drawings to take back to London on my return. I know my father will not be pleased by this, but I am determined to follow my interests and not become a doctor.

I am not looking forward to the next few weeks at sea; there will be little for me to study. Thankfully, I have brought my studies on marine biology, so I will be able to read about those whilst at sea. I am hoping to see some different marine creatures, but think that studying them in detail will prove impossible.

Question of the week – 2nd September


Each week, Mr. Oswin will ask his ‘Question of the week’. The question does not necessarily have a right answer, but is there to get you thinking and debating. Remember to explain your answer as fully as you can and check regularly to see if people have responded to your answer. The question this week is:

Are the summer holidays too long, too short or just the right length?

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to Year 6. On our blog this year, we will be sharing examples of our work. Also, Mr. Oswin will ask his ‘Question of the week’ at the start of each week. If you have any ideas about what you would like to see on the blog, let Mr. Oswin know. Enjoy blogging!

Question of the week – 21st July


Welcome to the final question of the week for you whilst you are at Shaw Ridge, Year 6. Remember to keep on visiting and answering the questions (and see what we’re up to!) from September onwards. The question this week is:

Last week, David Cameron shuffled his Cabinet (the Cabinet comprises of ministers who oversee different aspects of the government). If you were offered any position in the Cabinet by a Prime Minister, which one would you want and why?